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Salamanca is one of the cities that belong to the World Heritage cities of Spain. It is considered the Renaissance city par excellence and it can be seen all kinds of artistic reminiscences (Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Plateresque).

With its palaces, convents, mansions and squares and its protagonists, as Fray Luis de Leon and Francisco de Vitoria, it highlights an era of special momentum in the city. However, it would be unfair to limit the life of the city to those glorious moments because cities are not built only in prosperous times.

Salamanca as a space of knowledge and wisdom, has beat with varying intensity throughout history; undoubtedly finding that knowledge is reason to be passed, but also present, in its concern with culture, with its dynamic university and its recent titularity of cultural capital.

In 1988 he was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and 2002 European Capital of Culture. Much of the city life revolves around the University, its students and curiosities that give a cosmopolitan and contemporary feel. This environment is marked by foreigners coming from different parts of the world to study Castilian, the relationship of the city with America and the continuous beating of the city.

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