Accepted papers

Accepted Papers for ICCBR 2021


  • Mohammed Temraz, Eoin Kenny, Elodie Ruelle, Laurence Shalloo, Barry Smyth and Mark Keane.
    Handling Climate Change Using Counterfactuals: Using Counterfactuals in Data Augmentation to Predict Crop Growth in an Uncertain Climate Future
  • Eoin Delaney, Derek Greene and Mark Keane.
    Instance-based Counterfactual Explanations for Time Series Classification
  • Wei Yu, Xiaoting Guo, Fei Chen, Tao Chang, Mengzhu Wang and Xiaodong Wang.
    Similar Questions Correspond to Similar SQL Queries: A Case-Based Reasoning Approach for Text-to-SQL Translation
  • Eirik Lund Flogard, Ole Jakob Mengshoel and Kerstin Bach.
    Bayesian Feature Construction for Case-Based Reasoning: Generating Good Checklists
  • Pierre-Alexandre Murena and Marie Al-Ghossein.
    Inferring Case-Based Reasoners' Knowledge to Enhance Interactivity
  • Jean Lieber, Emmanuel Nauer and Henri Prade.
    When Revision-Based Case Adaptation Meets Analogical Extrapolation
  • Jean Lieber and Emmanuel Nauer.
    Adaptation knowledge discovery using positive and negative cases
  • Juan A. Recio-Garcia, Humberto Parejas-Llanovarced, Mauricio G. Orozco-del-Castillo and Esteban E. Brito-Borges.
    A case-based approach for the selection of explanation algorithms in image classification
  • Hao Yang, Tavan Eftekhar, Chad Esselink, Yan Ding and Shiqi Zhang.
    Task and Situation Structures for Case-based Planning
  • Ruben Dapica and Federico Peinado.
    Evaluation of Similarity Measures for Flight Simulator Training Scenarios
  • Gechuan Zhang, Dairui Liu, Barry Smyth and Ruihai Dong.
    Deciphering Ancient Chinese Oracle Bone Inscriptions using Case-Based Reasoning
  • Rian Dolphin, Barry Smyth, Yang Xu and Ruihai Dong.
    Measuring Financial Time Series Similarity With a View to Identifying Profitable Stock Market Opportunities
  • Ashish Upadhyay, Stewart Massie, Ritwik Kumar Singh, Garima Gupta and Muneendra Ojha.
    Case-Based Approach to Data-to-Text Generation
  • Belen Diaz-Agudo, Guillermo Jimenez-Díaz and Jose Luis Jorro Aragoneses.
    User Evaluation to Measure the Perception of Similarities Measures in Artworks
  • Fakhri Abbas, Nadia Najjar and David Wilson.
    The Bites Eclectic: Critique-Based Conversational Recommendation for Diversity-Focused Meal Planning
  • Ciara Feely, Brian Caulfield, Aonghus Lawlor and Barry Smyth.
    A Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Predicting and Explaining Running Related Injuries
  • Xiaomeng Ye, David Leake, Vahid Jalali and David Crandall.
    Learning Adaptations for Case-Based Classification: A Neural Network Approach
  • Zachary Wilkerson, David Leake and David Crandall.
    On Combining Knowledge-Engineered and Network-Extracted Features for Retrieval
  • David Leake and Xiaomeng Ye.
    Harmonizing Case Retrieval and Adaptation with Alternating Optimization
  • Renganathan Subramanian, Devi Ganesan, Deepak P and Sutanu Chakraborti.
    Towards Richer Realizations of Holographic CBR
  • Srashti Kaurav, Devi Ganesan, Deepak P and Sutanu Chakraborti.
    Revisiting Fast and Slow Thinking in Case-Based Reasoning

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